Industrial Relation Directorate

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has set up Industrial Relations Directorate, which can achieve the institutional mission of ensuring the development of a peaceful balanced, equitable, participatory and Industry Relations of for our country.

This Directorate is responsible for promoting the culture of organizations and negotiation by employers and employees, promoting bilateral and triple workplace cooperation and social coordination, preventing employment disputes and establishing a stable industry relationship.

Labour Inspection and Occupational Saftey and Health Directorate

This Directorate provides the Ministry with the mandate of the Government to study and update data, laws and working standards supported by the Government, to ensure that working environments are safe and comfortable, establish strong legal systems and provide technical support to the relationship. The directorate is also responsible to sustain the sustainability of industrial peace and to increase production and productivity.

Employement and Labour Market Information Directorate

The major duty of the Employment and Labour Market Information Directorate is to assist job seekers and employers meet their demands in the labour market with the competent employees. Therefore; through this established communication system of employment and labour market the directorate will assist in solving the man power allocation system of the country and as well create efficient, effective and accessible employment and labour market information system

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