Elders Affairs Coordination and Supervision

The Elders Affairs Coordination and Supervision Directorate carried out the following major activities:

  • The directorate carried out problem solving study and research works as input in the areas of elderly, for policy formulation and program design to make the work effective.
  • The directorate perform advocacy works with regard to elderly people social and economic problems so as to get attention from the government, non-governmental organizations, private sector and the society as a whole.
  • The directorate also work on strengthening the capacity and establishing the data base management system in order  to improve the services delivered to the elderly people;
  • The directorate strongly works to promote the social and economic participation of the elders in order to benefit them with the right psychological and social services and create access to the basic services;
  • The directorate also intensely works to strength the coordination and cooperation system in order to improve the benefits of the elderly people.

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